Is Your Freebie Opt-In Offer Making You Crazy?!

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated about how to actually create an opt-in offer that works?

Who can blame you?

Every expert out there tells you, you must have an email list to grow your blog. You must start one right away to get more readers and even have a shot of monetizing your blog. They also tell you that the best way to grow your email list is with a freebie opt-in offer.

But do you find yourself thinking “Great, how do I even start that?! How do I even get people to sign up for my list? Why would anyone even sign up for my email list?”

I get it. When I first started blogging I knew I needed an email list, I just didn’t know how to get there. I created my first freebie and my list grew at a snail’s pace which was bad enough. Then something even worse happened.

Someone downloaded my freebie and told me it was awful. His exact words were:

“This report is terrible. There is no new information here, this was a complete waste of my time. Remove me from your list.”


After I scraped myself up off the floor, dusted myself off, I realized he was right. He could have been nicer about it, but he was right.

My opt-in offer sucked.

It was a cheesy 4 page Word doc, with cheesy graphics and a lot of fluff. It wasn’t valuable, it wasn’t helpful. Even worse, this was someone’s first impression of me.

Not good.

So instead of being defeated I dove into learning everything I could about growing an email list. And everything I learned told me a I needed a fantastic opt-in offer. So I went back to the drawing table to learn about opt-in offers. Why they work. Which ones convert best. How to make one that seriously rocks. How to make one that was so helpful people wondered why I was giving it away for free.

I took those awful, but true comments, and turned them into a motivation, a fire in my belly, to make the best opt-in offers I possibly could, from that day forward. My number one goal was to make my opt-in offers so valuable that people walked away with a ton of information that helped them and a good first impression of me. I wanted people to look at my opt-in offer and think “Wow, I can’t believe I got that for free!”​

Hi, I'm Jen Snyder!


Women Winning Online

The Result?

I created three more opt-in offers for that blog. Opt-in offers that I poured my heart and soul into. All the research, my hard work, and my determination paid off. I went from 72 email subscribers in 3 months to over 3,000 people in less than 6 months from those 3 opt-in offers.

Even crazier?!

One of the opt-in offers turned into a paid speaking gig for me at a Global Real Estate Symposium in New York City. Yes, this small town girl, got paid to travel to New York City, to give a presentation on her opt-in offer.

Crazy right?!

That is the power of a good opt-in offer!

A good opt-in offer will:

  • Be so valuable people will wonder why they are getting it for free.
  • Be helpful with content people can put into action right away.
  • Be something that makes people’s lives easier and better.

But wow, that’s a lot of pressure right?!

I have good news! Creating the perfect opt-in offer doesn’t have to be a process that makes you go crazy and pull your hair out with frustration. Creating the perfect opt-in offer doesn’t have to take hours and hours of your time. Creating the perfect opt-in offer can actually be fun---yes fun!

If you are tired of...

  • Creating opt-in offers that bomb and no one signs up for even after you spend hours working on it.
  • Hearing about why you need an opt-in offer but have no idea how to create one and just wish someone would tell you how.
  • Opt-in offers with less than stellar results and only a few sign-ups every week even though you are sharing it constantly on social media.
  • Not really knowing what a great opt-in offer is even after you have done all the research.
  • No one ever signing up for your email newsletter even when you know you need an email list to grow your blog.

If this sounds all too familiar, it's time to do something different. It's time to follow a plan that will actually work for you to create an opt-in offer that converts like crazy. 

My win was scheduling a phone consultation with Jen! Seriously. I got more direction in 1/2 hour than I could have imagined. I'm excited to have clear, concise action plan (that is totally do-able) to move my blog in the direction I wanted-- but wasn't sure how to do. Thanks Jennifer Snyder!!!

Sara Garska 
Blogger, My Big Think Life

I have just the plan for you!

To create the perfect opt-in offer you need to follow a formula and a plan. A plan that works every single time. The plan that will help you grow your email list to 1,000's of people. The plan that will bring you 1,000's of pageviews. The plan that will bring you 1,000's of new followers. 

Introducing Fantastic Freebies for Bloggers!

In this course you’ll get the following benefits:

A Plan That Works

No more guessing what should I do for my opt-in offer? Will this opt-in offer work or will no one sign up? I will give you my exact formula for creating the perfect opt-in offer that converts every time. I am not holding anything back. :)

A Plan of Action

I am not going to just throw words at you in this course. Every module will include action steps for you to complete. I want to help you get the work done and get your opt-in offer out there ASAP! It’s my personal way to hold you accountable to get it done!

A Plan That Saves Time

We are all short on time these days. Do you have time to waste trying different opt-in offers that don't work? Do you have time to search all over social media to find the right answers to create a perfect opt-in offer that converts? I know as a busy Mom of 3, I sure don't! In this plan I have done the heavy lifting. I’ve not only researched the ideas, I have tested them to see if they work. Secret: They do!

In this course you will learn...


MODULE #1: Know Your Niche Like Your Best Friend

  • How to narrow down your niche to help your blog grow faster.
  • How to get to know your niche better so you can help them!
  • Why it's critical to the success of your blog to narrow down your niche.
  • How to create the perfect elevator pitch so your readers know that you are here to help them!
  • The number one key to making all of this work for your blog!

MODULE #2: Write the Perfect Opt-In Offer that Converts!

  • How to get your readers to tell you exactly what it is they want. No more guessing "Will this work?!"
  • The best types of opt-in offers that convert and how to pick the right one for your readers.
  • My step-by-step process for writing an opt-in offer that blows people away! 
  • How to make your opt-in offer look good and excites people even more to download it!

MODULE #3: How to Set Up Your Landing Page the Right Way!

  • This is the tech section! Learn how to set up your landing page with my step-by-step tutorials!
  • Learn popular landing page programs like Thrive Landing Pages, Divi, MailerLite, & ConvertKit
  • Don't have a lot of extra money for paid landing page options? I will share my top 3 free landing page options and show you how to set them up!

MODULE #4: Create the Perfect Landing Page for Your Opt-in Offer!

  • How to set-up your first landing page for you new, awesome opt-in offer!
  • The key elements every landing page needs to increase conversions!
  • My 8 step process for creating each section of the landing page.
  • My step-by-step process for writing a clear message that convinces people to download your opt-in offer!
  • How to add items that make your landing page look good!
  • The strategies I use to get a 64% conversion ratio on my landing pages!

MODULE #5: How to Set Up Your Email Service to Automate It All!

  • Learn which email service is best for you in your current blogging stage plus my recommendation.
  • How to set up popular email marketing services like ConvertKit, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, and GetResponse.
  • Why I don't recommend MailChimp and what you should use instead!
  • How to add email sign up forms to your website and your landing page to automate the email sign up process!
  • What to send in your first email to your new subscriber
  • The key elements every landing page needs to increase conversions!

MODULE #6: How to Promote Your Opt-In Offer to Get a Ton of New Subscribers!

  • My favorite way to promote your opt-in offer to get maximum exposure for it every single day!
  • How to use Facebook group promo days to get your opt-in offer in front of thousands of new readers.
  • The one promotion strategy that worked for me to triple my email list in one week!
  • My 11 bonus tips for getting new people to see your opt-in offer every single day!

Just wanted to report back on my consultation with Jennifer Snyder. HOLY CROW this was amazing! Not only did I learn a ton, but I came out of it with a *strategy*. I have a plan of action I didn't have this morning. Just wanted to share the glowing (unasked for, uncompensated) review and say "thank you" publicly.

Wellie Prepperwitch
Blogger, The Well-Prepared Witch

Are you ready to grow your email list and start making money on your blog?!


Great! You will get all of this now for just:

Ladies, I just wanted to let you know how lucky you are to be in this group! I've been friends with Jennifer Snyder for a few months now and she has taught me so much! With her encouragement I finally pulled the trigger to launch my ebook and email my list. And let me tell you, I haven't felt this high since like ever... (I wouldn't know what really feeling high feels like :) ) My hubby and I are both just watching my PayPal account grow and grow, this is awesome. So thank you Jennifer Snyder for all your encouragement and advice - super duper valuable! I probably owe you a few hundred dollars for all the online consultations ;)

Suzi Whitford
Blogger, Start a Mom Blog

How to Buy...

Step 1: Click to buy the Fantastic Freebies course

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Step 2: Fill out email address, select a password. Then click the orange "Buy Now" button to be taken to PayPal.

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Step 5: Confirm your payment

PayPal saves your info not me so it is 100% safe!

Step 6: Confirmation + Access to the course right away!

I'd like to thank Jennifer Snyder for being sort of an unofficial mentor. I watch how she runs her business and interacts with her tribe and I take note. She always gives more value than anticipated and she just rocks. Also, she's helped me grow my blog which is nice!

Blogger, Life Unplanned

How do I know this plan works?

Using this exact plan I grew Women Winning Online from...

  • 0 people on my email list to 1,072 people in 6 months!
  • 0 to 352 email subscribers on one list in just 2 days by having the right freebie!
  • 0 to 6,872 pageviews in 3 months by creating the right content people want to read!
  • 0 to 4,000 women in the Women Winning Online Facebook Group in only 12 months!
  • 0$ to $6,924 my first 4 months blogging!
  • Over $2,000 profit for my first course launch because of my email list!

Jen, I just feel the need to say thank you!! I'm one of the quiet ones in your group. I'm also part of the Find Your Tribe Online. I want to say thank you for being so real, for being someone that is willing to help and for giving so many resources and help without all the salesy pitches!!

I just wasted an hour and a half watching a webinar that spent the first hour saying you can automate your business and the last half hour explaining why I need to spend $1000 to join their course. Now I knew there was going to be some sale because of the webinar, but everything she was saying I kept telling myself "Jen talked about that in the group!" :)

Even though I wasted that 1 1/2 hours (when I could have finished editing my post) I'm grateful that it pointed out to me how valuable you truly are. Especially to those of us that struggle each day in getting our sites seen! Thanks again for all you do!

Leanne Mooth Brewer
Blogger, Texas Crafty Kitchen

Jen, I want to thank you for reaching out to me when you did. Your email asking how you could help me landed in my box when I was feeling frustrated and confused about how to find the women *I* want to help. I replied to you and figured I wouldn't hear anything back. Not only did you reply, you were kind and generous with your time and your advice, and you gently reminded me of my own purpose. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and your own willingness to help me reach my audience -- not for any gain to yourself, but just to help another woman trying to get out there -- was amazing, and a wonderful reminder of my own WHY. I'm passionate about helping moms claim their independence, and that's clearly a passion for you, too.

Abbi Perets


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is an opt-in offer?

What does the content look like?

Is this a secure payment?

Can I contact you before I buy?

I just attended Jen's FREE webinar on how to grow my blog traffic! I have attended 9 blog improvement webinars in the past 3 weeks, 8 of which were led by bloggers doing this a lot longer then Jen. Honestly, she provided me with the value I was looking for. I highly encourage you to join her next webinar! She is fantastic! I can't wait to start your coaching group!!!!

Amanda Ensling 
Blogger, Living Fully & Free