Where Are Your People Online?

When you find your people, build your tribe, you grow your blog traffic--fast. But where are your people?

Good news! I have found your people! In this course you will get access to: 

  • 407 Group Pinterest Boards that each have 1000+ followers. Your people!
  • 440 Facebook Groups with 250+ people in each group. More of your people!
  • 165 Popular Bloggers with Alexa ratings under 100,000. Even more of your people!
  • 25 different blogging niches to maximize your exposure! Yup, people, people, people!

Hey Jen. Just wanted to let you know that I started your Find Your Tribe program yesterday. It's still quite early here, only 8:40pm and I just checked my pageviews. They've almost tripled since yesterday. Fluke? I think not ;-) All I've done so far is use your scripts and join the niche Facebook groups and Pinterest boards. A+!

Darci Lopez Life Unplanned

Are you frustrated with not getting traffic to your blog? Are you tired of blogging alone?

So was I. Here I was writing all this great content on my blog, just like you, and no one was reading it. Crickets. All I heard was crickets.

​I knew there had to be a way to get traffic to my blog faster without it costing me a ton of money in ads or time that I didn't have. You see I am a busy mom of 3 small kids and I don't have time to research every idea out there to drive traffic to my blog. I knew there had to be a better way to get traffic to my blog faster.

So I took a look at what the big bloggers did when they first started out. I took a look at the popular online business owners to see what they did to grow their audience. And it all led me to one word: Exposure.

In order to get more blog traffic you can't sit behind your screen and think "If I build it, they will come." NO! You have to go out there and SHOW them how awesome you are. Then they will be excited about visiting your blog, subscribing to you email list, and sharing your blog all over social media.

Hi, I'm Jen Snyder!


Women Winning Online

“There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
--Oscar Wilde

Sounds like a dream doesn't it? All these people reading your blog and sharing it all over social media. Before you know it you have your own tribe of people that are loyal to your blog and traffic numbers that are going through the roof!

So how do you build that tribe? That tribe of people falling over themselves wanting to comment on and share your content? You find out where they are hanging out online. You get to know them. You help them. You engage with them.

But where do you find your people? Your future tribe? On popular blogs, in Facebook groups, and on group Pinterest boards. And I have all that information for you in my product "Find Your Tribe Online!"

My win was downloading the Find Your Tribe Resource - following the advice for my niche and working through what it says, I just got 5 likes on my business page in 25 mins and I've only scratched the service - very happy :)

Tania Vaughan Hartan Designs

In this product you’ll get the following benefits:

All the Info You Need

In the spreadsheet you will get access to 25 different niches,  over 404 Pinterest Group Boards and how to join, 470 Facebook Groups and how to introduce yourself, and a list of 165 of the most popular bloggers in every niche! No more asking "Where are my people?" The Find Your Tribe product shows you exactly where they are hanging out!

The Gift of Time

You are busy. You are trying to build a blog and take care of your kids. Or work a full-time job and trying to start a blog on the side. You don't have the time to find this information on your own! I have spent 90+ hours compiling this data into one easy to use spreadsheet for you!

A Solid Marketing Plan

Not only will you get access to all that data, I will show you exactly how to use it. That's right. Included in this product you will get a full blown marketing plan to show you the best ways to drive traffic to your blog through popular blogs, Facebook groups, and Pinterest. No more worrying "Will this work?" Instead you will have a full blown plan that won't let you fail!

Traffic has tripled. I receive views even when I don’t have time to self-promote. I get new followers every day thanks to Find Your Tribe Online. Being in a group with other bloggers has brought my blog to the next level. They’re helpful and kind and I love having my Tribe in my corner!

Ashley Freligh Spit Ups and Sit Ups

What You’ll Actually Get...

When you purchase the Find Your Tribe Online course you will get instant access to:

407 Pinterest Group Boards

440 Facebook Groups

165 Popular Bloggers

100% Complete Marketing Plan

Email scripts for guest posting & Pinterest boards

Intro post for Facebook groups for max exposure

If you are serious about growing your blog traffic, getting more followers, and building your tribe the Find Your Tribe Online course will help you get there faster!

In this course you will get...


MODULE #1: Know Your Niche:  Discover your people, your readers!

  • How to narrow down your niche to help your blog grow faster.
  • How to get to know your niche better so you can help them!
  • Why it's critical to the success of your blog to narrow down your niche.
  • How to create the perfect elevator pitch so your readers know that you are here to help them!
  • The number one key to making all of this work for your blog!

MODULE #2: All About Using Facebook Groups to Get More Blog Traffic!

  • How to update your Facebook profile to drive more traffic to your blog!
  • How to create an awesome introduction in Facebook groups to maximize your blog's visibility without annoying admins!
  • How to engage your ideal readers in Facebook groups to help them, pour value onto them, and drive blog traffic!
  • How to make Facebook "promo" days work for you and stand out in the crowd!

MODULE #3: All About Pinterest Group Boards to Grow Your Blog Traffic!

  • How to update your Pinterest profile to increase the chances of getting found on Pinterest!
  • How to update your boards to make them more relevant in the Pinterest search results.
  • How to create a pin that gets thousands of re-pins every day!
  • How to apply and use group boards to help your people and get more traffic.
  • How to use Tailwind to automate the entire pinning process for you!

MODULE #4: How to Guest Post to Get Tons of Traffic

  • Update your "blog info" to build your brand recognition! 
  • How to find the best bloggers to guest post for!
  • How to write a guest post pitch that gets your post accepted by bloggers without question!
  • How to write a guest post that will have the blogger's readers will love and will send thousands of readers to your blog!
  • How to turn those thousands of visitors into new email subscribers and readers to your blog with one simple fix in your guest post!

Private VIP Facebook Group

A supportive community where we are working together to grow our blogs!

  • Weekly Challenges: Join us for weekly challenges to implement what you are learning in the course. Let's grow our blogs together!
  • Talk to Me Tuesday: Get answers to all your blogging and FYTO questions!
  • Promo Thursday: Our own private promo thread where we share our latest blog posts, freebies, and courses.
  • Homework Review: Our own private promo thread where we share our latest blog posts, freebies, and courses.
  • Elevator Pitch Consultation: Share your elevator pitch with us, get feedback, and fine tune who you are writing for to get better results on your blog.
  • Small Group: This is a small, supportive group where you will be seen and helped. You won't get missed or feel left out in this group!
  • Private Access to Me: I am in the group offering coaching, private tips, and strategies that are working for me to grow my blog!

Plus these bonuses!

  • 24 Video Tutorials, 4 Worksheets, 3 Spreadsheets, & 11 Checklists all to help you through the course and make your blog grow faster!
  • Pinterest Group Board: Access to a Pinterest Group Board for members only!
  • Tailwind Tribe: Exclusive Tailwind Tribe for members only!

Plus access to 25 different blogging niches including:

407 Pinterest group boards, 440 Facebook groups, 165 popular bloggers covering 25 niches!

  • Business of Blogging
  • Food/Recipes
  • Homeschool
  • Couponers
  • Kids/Family/Marriage
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Crafting & DIY
  • Fashion
  • Health/Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Christian/Faith
  • Travel
  • Personal Finance
  • Home/Organization/DIY
  • Productivity/Time Management
  • Single Parenting
  • Mental Health
  • Green Living
  • Pets
  • Pregnancy/Baby
  • Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Holistic Living
  • Self-Care

You will get all of this now for just:

I have a win to share!

Two weeks ago yesterday, my blog saw 19 users... 25 sessions. That was pretty normal. I'd been getting around 20 or 30 users a day for the last 2 months.

I started searching for my tribe using Jennifer's Find Your Tribe Online about a week and a half ago. I immediately saw a change in my traffic! The day after I started implementing her tactics, my blog saw 67 users and 78 sessions. I was so happy! My traffic had tripled in a day!

At first I was worried it was a fluke, but now I know it wasn't. I've seen steady growth since then. When I started blogging, my goal was to get 333 users a day. That would equate to 10,000 a month. Yesterday that day came! 345 users yesterday! I'm so excited! A week and a half after implementing what I was taught in Find Your Tribe Online and I've reached the goal I set for myself in May.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend getting Find Your Tribe Online!! Thank you so much, Jennifer Snyder!!!

Desteny Morris A Frugal Desteny

How to Buy...

Step 1: Click to buy the Find Your Tribe Online Program.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Step 2: Fill out email address, select a password. Then click the orange "Buy Now" button to be taken to PayPal.

Save the password. This is your login to the course!

Step 3: Login to PayPal or create a new account.

Step 4: Complete PayPal Payment

Step 5: Confirm your payment

PayPal saves your info not me so it is 100% safe!

Step 6: Confirmation + Access to the course right away!

Brittany FerrellBlogger | A Mama Tale

The first and the best thing I did to drastically improve my blog traffic was to purchase Find Your Tribe Online. Once I joined her recommended Facebook groups for my niche, my blog traffic began to take off. I was no longer keeping my fingers crossed that someone would accidentally google my blog and fall in love.

Yami PlateroBlogger | The Latina Next Door

As soon as I was added to all of the groups, I started pinning away and got a 25% increase in traffic overnight!

Bernadette von BuelowBlogger | Mom + Carrot

I am getting 3-5 new followers on Pinterest every day.

TyaneBlogger | Boy Mom Blessed

I went from 1 to 110 followers on my Facebook page in a month. I went from 170 followers on PInterest to 316 followers in a month. My first month of blogging had over 1200 pageviews from about 800 visitors.

JamieBlogger | Crashed Culture

Since learning about group boards I've joined a ton of them and already getting crazy traffic!

AndreaBlogger | Waldorf Salad & Cottage Fries

Both Pinterest and Facebook views have grown big time. It has also increased my blog traffic. And I have been getting some wonderful advice from the bloggers in FYTO Facebook group as well.

Ashley FrelighBlogger | Sit Ups & Spit Ups

Traffic has tripled. I receive views even when I don't have time to self-promote. I get new followers every day thanks to FYTO. Being in a group with other bloggers has brought my blog to the next level. They're helpful and kind and I love having my Tribe in my corner!

Brianna WilkersonBlogger | Made Well

More people in my Facebook group, more people re-pinning my post and more page views!

KristenBlogger | Allie's Mommy

My Pinterest growth has more than doubled since I started using FYTO.

My page views have definitely increased since expanding my marketing reach using social media groups & group boards, and I've also been able to provide guest posts (and feature guest posts) by the connections I've made in some of the Facebook groups!

Clarissa Blogger | The View From Here


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why do I need Find Your Tribe Online?

What does the content look like?

Is my blogging niche included?

Is this a secure payment?

Can I contact you before I buy?

As soon as I was added to all of the groups, I started pinning away and got a 25% increase in traffic overnight!

Yami Platero The Latina Next Door

Ready to buy? Click below to get instant access!

  • 404 group Pinterest Boards
  • 440 Facebook Groups
  • 165 Popular Bloggers
  • A full blown marketing plan
  • Email scripts for guest posts
  • Pinterest Group Board Scripts
  • Facebook Group Intro Script
  • Private Facebook Group

All this now for just:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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