Are you ready to make more money in your business...

...without sacrificing time with God, your husband, your kids, or working yourself to death?

"I'm so stressed out and overwhelmed with all there is to do."

"I can't focus when it's time to work."

"I don't know what to do next in my business to make money."

"I have no idea where my next client is coming from."

"I don't know how to make more money without losing my mind."

"I worry all the time that my business is going to fall apart."

"I am working crazy hours to keep it all together."

"I'm missing time with my husband and kids because I think about work all the time."

"Am I living out my God-given purpose or am I acting out of what I think I should do?

“It looks so easy when other people do it, but when I try, I feel like an idiot.

“I just need someone to tell me what to do!

Does this sound like you?

If you're...

  • Overwhelmed by all that you have to do in your business.
  • Frustrated and feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting no where.
  • Unsure of how to scale your business without working even more crazy hours.
  • Determined to make a difference in the world with your business.
  • Ready to take REAL action and make this YOUR YEAR.

... then let's talk.

By now you have realized that owning your own business is no joke. There is hustle. Lots and lots of hustle. And you are working like crazy to get this thing off the ground and then make it thrive.

But you are in love with your clients and the work you are doing! You are proud of yourself and you should be! 

You are doing it. You are your own boss!

Yet, there are those nagging feelings of overwhelm and stress and omg what if this all falls apart?!

Oh sister I hear you. Those are the thoughts that used to keep me up at night. That robbed me of my peace and joy when I was spending time with my sweet husband and babies. The thoughts that would consume me and take my insomnia to the next level. The thoughts that made me wonder if going to work at a 9-5 would be so much better for me. 

Those feelings of overwhelm and stress and constant hustling, those same ones you are having right now, almost cost me my marriage.

But like you, I had a dream. A dream to change women's lives. To help them and coach them and teach them. To help them grow in their businesses and in their lives. 

Plus after working for myself for over 15 years-- there was no way I could go back to doing that 9-5 grind with a boss.

I knew that I had to create a firm foundation on which to grow my business if I was going to keep my sanity and my marriage. A foundation that would keep me grounded but also growing and building my business. A foundation that brought in more clients, more money, but less stress. A foundation that gave my back my peace, my sanity, and my joy when it came to running my own business.

Sounds nice right?!

Dear friend, I want this same kind of peace, sanity, and excitement for you when it comes to your business. That is why I would love to coach you. During our time together, you’re getting REAL, LIVE answers on how to take your business from overwhelmed to overjoyed plus access to an entrepreneur and a mom just like you, who has walked this path and can show you exactly what to do. 

Who Am I?

My name is Jen and I am a Christian woman, happy wife to Bill for 12 years, and mom to 3 crazy kids all under 10 (girl, girl, boy). I have been a full time work-at-home-mom for 9 years and am constantly juggling family life with work life. You know taking calls on the way to Girl Scouts, responding to emails after skating practice, and making time for alllll the field trips. I don’t believe in a work/life balance because it’s so not possible. But I do believe it’s possible to make it all work together in harmony. *Cue cheesy music.* 

I have been working for myself for over 15 years and know a thing or two about what it takes to run a successful business. But….being successful can have it’s downsides. In fact, there was a time my business was soooo successful, that it almost cost me my marriage. It’s a rough fact but it’s true. Four years ago, a trial separation with phone calls being made to attorneys. It still makes me sick to my stomach to think about.


After Bill and I worked through that very hard time, I knew that I still could NOT go back to a 9-5, but I had to make my business work without jeopardizing my marriage or my time with my kids. I could not go back there and I knew there had to be a better way. I am proud to say, that over the last three years I have done just that. I strive to prioritize a harmony of putting God first, then self, then marriage, then my kids, and then business.

And my friend, I feel called to teach women just like you how to do the same. How to enjoy running a successful business without losing the very people that are most important to you in your life.

That's me-- Jen!

My beautiful family!

"Increased sales of novels by 300%"

Madison Michael

Author of The Beguiling Bachelor Series

As an author, I knew I didn’t fit the usual mold for Jen’s clients and I considered hiring a book marketing coach instead of Jen. I have no regrets at all! Jen helped me increase sales of my novels over 300% and grow my average monthly revenue 20X. Because she helped me set up business and marketing systems that are repeatable and effective, I know this growth will continue. Jen is easy to work with, no-nonsense, and able to think outside the box. Hire her!

I am a real woman and mom entrepreneur just like you and I want to help you build an amazing foundation to have a successful online business that you love, makes you money, gives you more time to spend with your family, all while doing it for God's glory!

I'm looking for women entrepreneurs that are...

  • Ready to take back control of their businesses and start having fun again!
  • Ready to start running their business instead of their business running them.
  • Ready to enjoy their husbands, their kids, their lives again while running a successful business.
  • Not willing to sacrifice their faith, but instead invite God on the journey along with them in building their business to make a greater impact on the world!
  • Ready to have strategies that work to make more money and serve more people!

Ready to start working together? Great! Here's what our coaching time together looks like!

During your coaching time you will get:

  • Twice-monthly, one hour phone calls via Zoom that are recorded for you to replay again.
  • Unlimited access to me via Voxer in-between our coaching sessions so you aren't waiting to get answers you need.
  • A personal Trello board where we track your goals, what worked/didn't work, wins, and coaching call. Accountability works!
  • A business and mindset strategy that will help you grow your business without sacrificing your life!

"Making More Money, Working Fewer Hours"

Abbi Perets

Freelance Writer & CEO of Successful Freelance Mom

A little over a year ago, I was pretty happy bringing in $4000 in client work every month. 

Jen was the first person who told me that number should make me really UNCOMFORTABLE, because I should be earning at least twice that in client work. 

When I started working with Jen, she showed me how to move past imposter syndrome, how to value my work, and how to prioritize growing my business so that I could continue to smash through income goals. 

I’ve 5x’d pricing on done-for-you services — so I’m making more money and working fewer hours. $4000 months are way back in my rearview mirror now, and I don’t miss them a bit. I’m booked out, turning down work, and hand-picking my clients.

Here's a closer look at the work we will do together:


Dream Big!

What do you really want out of your business and your life? We are going to go deeper than your why. What is your big, scary, audacious dream? Let's get it out to help motivate you and propel you into your best year yet!


Income Plan!

Create an income plan that excites you, challenges you, and yup makes you more money without working harder! You are blessed to be a blessing so you can help others while contributing to your family's income!


Master Your Money!

Money is critical to whether you are in business 5 years from now or a bust. I will coach you on how to master your money so you know exactly how much to pay yourself, how much to tithe, how much to invest in your business, how to pay a team, and still have money left over to pay taxes and YOU. (You gotta pay ‘em!)


Build a Team

Are you doing it all alone and shouldn't be? Or do you have team members but no one is on the same page? We will talk about what team members to hire first, where to find them, and what to pay them. Plus lay out their job descriptions, and set expectations so you can actually stop doing it all yourself!


Goals + Income

Do your goals match the income you want to make? Together we will lay out your monthly and quarterly goals to match your income plan and steps to actually make it happen!


Content Planning

Are you creating content that actually drives people to your business and makes sales? We will plan all your content with the end in mind--- helping your clients and actually creating a system for you to make money!


​Daily Planning

Your time is precious. Learn what to work on every single day so you don’t get sucked into social media or only doing client work, but actually do things to move your business forward.


Routines for Success!

How to start the day off right and end the day great to maximize your success at home and in your business! And how to actually stop working at night so you can enjoy your husband and kids!


Master Your Mindset

How to get past all the icky mindset feelings that are standing in between you and your success using Christian faith based principals.


Accountability Goals

We will work together to keep you accountable to meeting your goals, dreams, and your God-given purpose!

Doesn't this sound nice?! A real live faith-filled female, just like you, helping you grow your business for God's Kingdom, your family, and for you?!

  • Awesome! Let's get the process started!

  • Step 1: Fill out this questionnaire so I can better understand your needs.
  • Step 2: Book a free 15 minute chat with me to make sure we are a good fit for each other.
  • Step 3: Fill out the paperwork, book your first session, and let's do it!

Curious about the cost? I totally get you. Your coaching investment starts at $600 a month. 

When you invest in coaching together I want you to look at it as just that: an investment in YOU, your business, and your life. My goal at the end of our time together is to have you earning more than you invested and enjoying your life so much more than when we started!

"Best Business Investment I've Ever Made!"

Angela Tempest

Copywriting Specialist & Pinterest Manager

When I first started working with Jen, I had been in business for a few years.  I had clients, I had a steady income and I was doing okay. But I wanted something more and wasn’t sure how to get it.  By working with Jen I have realized that I am worth more than what I was charging and the real value of my services. I have started to raise prices for existing customers and establish higher prices for new ones.  I have also fine tuned the business model and realized with Jen’s help that I wanted to focus on one side of my business over another. I have also grown an engaged Facebook community, email list and am even taking video calls to chat with clients – something I never would have considered beforehand.

That’s the dry stuff.  For me, the coaching with Jen has completely changed my mental approach.  I hear her in my head when I start doubting what I’m doing. Not because she’s perfect or has all the answers but because she is real, she had struggled herself and she understands it all.  With the confidence I have gained for her coaching, I launched my first digital product, an eBook, have planned more products for next year and have a clear vision for my business. She is the kick in the butt I need to get stuff done sometimes and the sounding board to help me make sure I am heading in the right direction.  She is the best business investment I have ever made!

How would it change your life...

... to know that you have an actual, accessible business coach with experience who is invested in your success?

… to have a successful business based on what YOU care about?

 to have a successful business without losing your sanity or your loved ones?

  • Yes! Let's get the process started and make 2019 your best year yet!

  • Step 1: Fill out this questionnaire so I can better understand your needs.
  • Step 2: Book a free 15 minute chat with me to make sure we are a good fit for each other.
  • Step 3: Fill out the paperwork, book your first session, and let's do it!

"A Real Life Guardian Angel"

Suzi Whitford

Blogger, Start a Mom Blog

"Jen Snyder is a real life guardian angel. She truly, deeply cares about her clients. When I was just starting my business, she filled me with the confidence I needed to push past my fears and truly take off. She's a true gem and my go-to person for when I need motivation."

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