Are You Tired of Blogging Alone?

The early mornings and the late nights staring at your computer screen--it gets lonely right? Then there’s your friends and family’s take on the whole thing. “What is blogging? And you plan to make money how….?!” Plus where are you supposed to turn when you get stuck? Who's going to help you?!

But you are a woman on a mission. You love to write. You love to serve others. You want a blog that helps people. You want to make money blogging. Maybe even enough money to quit your full time job and stay home with your babies. Or maybe enough money to retire your husband and travel the world.

Yet you are struggling. And you feel so alone in the struggle.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your to-do list for your blog is a mile long and you are stressed out because really you have no idea where to start. You don't know what’s going to be the best thing to do to grow your blog and make money. And you have no idea who to ask for help.
  • You are so frustrated because blogging looks so easy for everyone else. You don’t know why you can’t figure it out. You just wish someone would walk alongside you and guide you through this blogging journey. You know if you could just get a little help from women who have been there it would make all the difference in the world.
  • You are tired of being alone at the computer all the time while you work tirelessly on your blog in the early mornings when no one is awake or late at night while everyone is sleeping. Sure the quiet time is nice but you feel like every once in awhile it would be nice to have a blogging girlfriend to chat with or share ideas with.
  • You know blogging is the real deal and it’s something you are passionate about. You are tired of having to explain to your friends over and over what it is you are doing exactly. You just wish you could make bloggy girlfriends that get it and are excited about blogging like you. Yet you have no idea how to and feel weird about randomly messaging women to be your bloggy friend.

Then there are those days...

And then there are those days. Those days where everything seems to be going wrong. You publish a new blog post and not one comment. Your opt-in offer goes live and not one person signs up. You feel like you are terrible at blogging and that you are never going to get anywhere with it. It’s your dream, it’s your passion, and you feel like you are failing. Even worse, you are thinking about quitting. And you wish for just one woman, one blogging friend  so you can cry on their shoulder. A woman blogger like you who gets it, who’s been there. A bloggy girlfriend who can listen to you and encourage you to keep going. Someone that can empathize and then show you what you can do to get better. Yet can’t share this in the blogging Facebook groups you are in because it’s Facebook right? And everything has to look good on Facebook. You feel more alone than ever.

I have been there...

Before I quit my job to take on blogging full time I was working in a small office with a group of women that were like family. Heck one of them is my best friend of 20+ years and the Godmother of my oldest child! We celebrated birthdays and holidays together as an office. We even spent Wednesday nights playing Bingo, a time we loved to call "Work After Hours." We were there for each other through babies being born, kids graduating college, and relationships falling apart. We supported each other through tough times and spent many days making each other laugh. We worked hard and had a lot of fun doing it!

When I left their office and took on blogging full time I loved it! I was sad to leave them but so excited to take on my passion full time. And at first it was great! Me, my keyboard, and lots of writing. I was in love!

But then, the loneliness set in. I missed having my lady co-workers to talk to about our common work projects. I missed having women to laugh with and joke with. I missed commiserating over a problem in the office or a problem out there in the world. I missed celebrating the small and the big things. I missed having co-workers to do life with.

I didn’t miss my 9-5, but I sure did miss my work family.

Then slowly, I began reaching out to potential women blogging friends. I felt like the new kid in school and like such a dork! “Hi, I’m Jen! I really admire your blog and your writing. I would love to get to know you better.”

I sent messages like that out to potential new blogging friends. I was so nervous waiting for women to respond and yup feeling like a dork the whole time.

But I was lonely and I wanted work friends again. Slowly ladies started to respond. Slowly over a few months I began building new friendships. New friendships with women that got what I did. That knew the highs and lows of being a blogger. That knew how hard it is to balance motherhood and our blogs. That I could talk strategy with and celebrate wins with. Women that would lift me up when I was down. Women that I could encourage when they hit a tough spot. Blogging friends that made me a better blogger. Women that I am now proud to count among my closest friends.

Are you tired of blogging alone? Are you tired of not having people in your life that actually get what you do? Are you ready to have blogging friends-- close girlfriends-- that you can talk with, share with, and do your blogging life with?


I am proud to introduce you to:

The Society of Women Winning Online!

The Society of Women Winning Online is an exclusive, tight-knit community where you will find your best blogging friends! Women that get you, women that know the ups and downs of blogging. Like-minded women that want to learn and meet their blogging goals just like you. Women supporting each other and working together to serve their audiences, grow their blogs, and make money doing it! 

Women just like you!

Abbi Perets


I just want to say that I just this second bought FYTO. I haven't even looked at it yet, but I wanted to say a couple of things:

I have ALREADY gotten massive value from Jen. In the past, she helped me when I needed it, and I am SO grateful to her for that.

I TRUST Jen, because she is so open and honest and GENEROUS, so this purchase was kind of a no-brainer. I KNOW that the content will be awesome. And there's NO RISK here -- she stands behind her product with a guarantee.

So if you're on the fence -- come on. This is WAY better than a new outfit!

Here's what it comes down to: Do you want to build a successful business? Do you believe that Jen has your best interests at heart?

There you go.

Why Me & Why The Society?

In 2016 I created a free Facebook group that grew very quickly to over 4,000 women. It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to lead these women. Although this group is large I get compliments all the time about the group. Women thanking me for creating a safe haven on Facebook where they can get answers to their questions.

But I want to go even deeper with you.

I know that not everyone feels comfortable being themselves in a large group like Women Winning Online or other big blogging groups. I know that you want the intimacy that a smaller mastermind group can provide. Like me, you are looking for blogging friends that will make you a better blogger. You are looking for a place to really let your hair down, be real, and get your questions answered.

The Society is that group! It’s a group of women that will have your back and be there to support you every step of the way. It is a place of education and strategy that will help you grow your blog. It is my way of going deeper with you on your blogging journey. It's how I can personally reach out to you to help you succeed.


Truly, we are better together!

Jen Snyder


And no. It’s not going to just be a bunch of women chit chatting about blogging.

(Although there will be plenty of that!) 

We are going to do what we women do best.

We are going to get stuff done!

Ruuuuunnn   to sign up for The Society! Unbelievable support, teaching, feedback, safe space, did I mention support?!?!? Oh, and the tech support - Ah-May-Zing! Hands down, the best investment!

I have made more progress in 4 months than I had made in the 2 years prior. I couldn't have done that without you and the Society sisters.

Shara Allison-Jones


Here's What You Actually Will Get...


Accountability Challenges

Each month we will do one accountability challenge that will help us grow our blogs and ourselves! Each challenge will help move us towards our goals!

Weekly Q&A Office Hours

Each week I will host a weekly Q&A office hours chat. Bring all your questions and get the help you need!

Blogger Hot Seats

Once a month we will evaluate up to 3 women's blogs. We will give them feedback to help them make their blog even better!


Expert Guest Speakers

Six times a year I will bring in expert speakers to the group to teach us about a new topic. Ideas include Pinterest, time management, traffic ideas + more!

Get-It-Done Day

I will be hosting a "get-it-done" day! This is a day where we focus on our blogs, getting stuff done, and doing it together!

Book Club

As a group we will pick out a book to read that will help us learn better strategies for our blogs and ourselves. 

Cheerleaders & Friends

Most importantly this group will be full of women cheering you on and encouraging you as you are on your blogging journey. Doesn't it sound nice to have bloggy friends and stop blogging alone?!


Coaching From Me

You get me inside The Society! I will be all hands on deck answering your questions and helping coach you on your path to grow your blog. You and the ladies in The Society are my number one priority in my business!

Spotlight On Your Blog

Once a week I will highlight one blogger from The Society in my Women Winning Online Facebook group. Get your blog in front of 4,700+ women!

Access to ALL My Courses

Yup, when you join The Society you get access to Find Your Tribe Online, Fantastic Freebies, and The 30 Day Marketing Plan for Bloggers. You will also get all the new courses I create too! All included in your membership!

Exclusive Affiliate Program

Want to make money when I do? And on a monthly, recurring basis? Yes! All Society members will get access to The Society Affiliate program. You will get an ongoing monthly commission for anyone you refer to The Society!

Insider Strategies From Me

Each month I will share with you what I am working on to grow my blog. I will tell you what's working and what isn't so you can apply it to your blog. I am also friends with some of the top bloggers in the industry. I will share tips that I learn from them with you!


Lifetime Price Lock

I appreciate you, your loyalty, and your support! As my way of saying thank you, I will guarantee your fee into The Society. When I raise the price, yours stays at the original price you paid! 

Pinterest Group Board

It's getting harder and harder to get on GOOD Pinterest group boards. Inside The Society we will create our own group board and work together to make it go viral! And our pins too! :)


Private Facebook Group

We will come together in our very own, private Facebook group! This is where the challenges, Q&A's, guest talks, and all the action will happen!

Private Membership Site

You will get access to a private membership site where you will find all my courses, coaching videos, worksheets, and any freebies I create!



Blogging and building an online business is hard work! You will get personal encouragement from me to keep you going on the good and especially on the bad days!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Most importantly we are going to have fun! We are going to do the work we love to do and our passionate about. And we are going to do it together!

You are AMAZING! And these girls will be so lucky to learn from you. I have learned so much from you!

McKinzie Bean, Moms Make Cents

I'd like to thank Jennifer Snyder for being sort of an unofficial mentor. I watch how she runs her business and interacts with her tribe and I take note. She always gives more value than anticipated and she just rocks. Also, she's helped me grow my blog which is nice!

Darci Lopez, Life Unplanned

Jen Snyder's Society is like no other blogging group! I canceled the other mastermind group I was in once I saw the quality of the gals and the value added in the daily conversations! #win

Gwen Plauche 

The Home With a

I love The Society! Everyone is so willing to help whenever I need it, no matter how many questions I ask.

  1. Brenda Loves

A different kind of group, with a different kind of feel...

This community is going to be a little bit different than others out there right now. I firmly believe that God has given us all a gift as bloggers and is asking us to serve our readers. He has called us to our purpose. In this community we are going to invite Him into the conversation. We are going to ask Him for His help. We will work to seek Him first and use our blogs to bring Him glory. And we will do it together, just as He intended! #bettertogether

Suzi Whitford


Ladies, I just wanted to let you know how lucky you are to be in the Women Winning Online group! I've been friends with Jennifer Snyder for a few months now and she has taught me so much! With her encouragement I finally pulled the trigger to launch my ebook and email my list. And let me tell you, I haven't felt this high since like ever... (I wouldn't know what really feeling high feels like :) ) My hubby and I are both just watching my PayPal account grow and grow, this is awesome. So thank you Jennifer Snyder for all your encouragement and advice - super duper valuable! I probably owe you a few hundred dollars for all the online consultations ;)

Are You Ready to Join The Society?!

The Society Doors are closed until Summer 2018!

Please join the waitlist below to get notified when the doors are open again!

The Society is my go-to place when I have a problem or a question about my blog. Not only am I treated with kindness, but my question is answered quickly by people who know. Since joining The Society, my numbers have almost doubled. The only investment you won't regret making is in yourself.

Samantha Hatcher

Inspired By Lucile

Hi everyone I’ve been the society for a week now and I was really skeptical about joining for quite a while but I’ve love’d everyday. You guys are amazing and so inviting and helpful. I just wanted to say thank you because I feel like I’ve found where I’m supposed to be to make my business work. Jen Snyder you’ve created a beautiful space and group of women. Thank you xx

Robyn O'Brien

Robyn O'Brien Photography

Gwen Plauche

The Home With a


I joined right away when you opened the Society after seeing you in action on FYTO. I would like to add these words about the value of the Society. 

I have tried several mastermind groups over the last couple of years (all cost more $$ that the Society), looking for real engagement and feedback. What I found in the other groups was typically a feed about how great that blogger was and a constant upsell. There was ZERO interaction with that blogger on a personal level and no real interaction with others on a consistent basis. One group in particular promised coaching and feedback. It turned out to be access to older courses & scripted posts that members were to respond to. That works for some people, but not for me. I need personal interaction to feel a part of a community, both with the main blogger and the other members. 

Then the Society of Women Winning Online enters the scene. This community has truly developed into a lively, active, personality-filled group that has invigorated my love for my new blog! 

How many times have you created a graphic, a post, an opt-in, or a landing page and wondered what others thought? Well, inside the Society, we trust each other to be honest with feedback and not let each other publish something that needs a few tweaks. The value of that is unmeasurable‼️ Plus, Jen is not only present in the group, she inputs and comments on feedback requests daily. Do you know what she can charge for consults outside of this group??

By far the best investment I have made for my blog!

Love, love, LOVE The Society! I can't say enough about the support, feedback, encouragement, and motivation the ladies in this group provide! By far the best investment I have made for my blog! You won't regret it!

Surya Chronister  //  The Busy Mom

You have helped me more in a week than the 6 months in other groups!

I'd tried many blogging groups prior to this and you guys have helped me more in a week than the 6 months in other groups. Everyone says they have a lovely community, but this really makes it worth every penny. It's a lot of money per month if its only a 'tit or tat' group. But even the weekly calls feel like a 1(me): 10(mentors) which is amazing. Plus everyones so nice. I'm not sure how you can explain that its not a Facebook group but a sisterhood more than willing to go above and beyond for each other.

Robyn O'Brien  //  Robyn O'Brien Photography

Who is The Society of Women Winning Online For?


  • check
    You haven’t launched your blog but are getting ready to.
  • check
    You still not sure exactly what you are going to write about but have an idea.
  • check
    You are starting to learn how to create a website for your blog. You are researching hosting options and blog themes.
  • check
    You are excited and a little bit nervous to start blogging. But mostly excited!
  • check
    You are hoping to make money with your blog in the next 1-2 years.
  • check

    You would love to be a part of a community before you launch. So you feel like you are doing it the right way from the beginning. Plus you know the support will calm your nerves!

Beginning Bloggers

  • check
    You launched your blog within the last 1-6 months.
  • check
    You have written several blog posts, a few of which have gotten some comments and shares.
  • check
    You are getting a little bit of traffic, but definitely not enough. You feel like you deserve more traffic than you are getting considering how hard you are working!
  • check
    You have under 300 people on your email list and are starting to see why it’s important to make it grow. But you don’t have an opt-in offer yet and aren’t sure where to start to create one.
  • check

    You are loving blogging, but just wishing for more engagement from readers.

  • check
    You are getting antsy to start making money from your blog.

Growing Bloggers

  • check
    You have been blogging for 6+ months.
  • check
    You have written a ton of blog posts. You get a fair amount of comments on your blog posts, but would like more.
  • check
    You are under 20,000 pageviews a month and desperately wanting to get into those higher traffic numbers, but aren't sure how to make that happen consistently.
  • check
    You have under 1,000 people on your email list. You have a couple opt-in offers that are getting people to subscribe to your list, but no one is beating down your door to sign up. You want help figuring this out and are tired of reading blog post after blog post about it. You just want someone to show you what’s wrong with your opt-in and how to fix it.
  • check

    You love blogging but are getting a tiny bit burnt out. You are ready to turn that corner into good traffic, good engagement, and good money.

  • check
    You’ve made some money from your blog, but definitely not enough to pay the mortgage or even buy a new pair of shoes. You are looking for help to figure out how to launch your first product. You also need help figuring out how to get more consistent with affiliate income.

It's also for women who:

Women Who Are
"Coursed Out"

Have you taken all the courses known to man? And you still aren't getting anywhere?! The Society is perfect for you. We will take a look at your blog and help you figure out what isn't working. What are bloggy sisters for?!


Women Who Want More

Are you not getting what you need from free Facebook groups? Are you too intimidated to post in the bigger groups? This is a community, a sisterhood, where we help you every step of the way with your blog. And you get all your questions answered! Truly we are better together!

Women Who Want To Work

This is a society for bloggers who want to get stuff done!. I want to make sure you get everything you can out of our time together. I want you to put the right plan in place to grow your blog and that will take work. But I promise you it will be the most fun work you have ever done!

Women Who Want to Grow

This is a society for women bloggers that want to grow their blogs and grow as people. I will be challenging you to take bold action and do tasks to help your blog grow. In order to do them you must have the desire to grow and get better!


I love this group! I have gotten more out of this group and Jen’s support than I have gotten out of any course I’ve taken! The ladies in the group help each other and give honest feedback truly helping each other grow!

Jacqueline Vandenberg, Simply Delectable Recipes

Who is The Society NOT For?

Men. Dudes. Guys.

Sorry guys this is a ladies only club! We tend to be more open as women when we are surrounded by only women. That is why this group is just for the ladies. Hence the name "The Society of Women Winning Online!"

Bloggers Looking for a Quick Fix

You are not going to join this group and have 10,000 email subscribers and a $10,000 income within two weeks. Building a blog takes time and doesn't happen overnight. Will it take years and years to get to that point? No, not if you follow a consistent plan. But it won't happen overnight.

Bloggers With A Bad Attitude

If you are negative or have a know-it-all attitude this society is not right for you! I like working with happy people that are eager to learn. Those are the kind of people that I want in this community. We are all here to learn from each other and be better. It's more fun when we all get along!

Jen Koelmann

Hairs Out of


I'm in my 7th week, I joined the Society 2 weeks ago and it is amazing! Every question and problem I have, I simply post in the Society and Jen and other bloggers jump in right away to help me!

Before I joined, I'd literally spend hours and hours figuring this stuff out. It's honestly been a huge sense of relief as a new blogger to have a welcoming group to help me.

I also feel like it's a small group of friends you can hangout with and feel comfortable with, whereas the large groups can be intimidating and you don't get every question fully resolved.

It's definitely worth the cost with how much time Jen, Renee and others save me. My time is super important and I truly think the extra support and help I get in The Society will help me grow faster, also become more profitable faster and I love having other women to connect with!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time with The Society require?

When will the Q&A and Get-It-Done Day take place?

Why would I join a paid group when there are so many free Facebook groups?

What level blogger is The Society for?

Is this a secure payment?

Can I talk to you before I join The Society?

A Note From Jen

 Jen Snyder 

 CEO/Founder/Fellow Blogger


Hey there lovely lady! I created The Society of Women Winning Online because I want to help you. I truly want to dig deeper with you. I want to see you and your blog succeed. I want to be there when you quit your job for good because your blog is now earning a full time income for you. I want to be there for you every step of the way, supporting you, encouraging you, and cheering you on!

I love blogging but I know first hand how isolating it can be! The Society is a warm, safe place where you will connect with bloggers that will become your best friends. Who, like me, can't wait to see you make your blogging dreams come true! We all can't wait to see you on the inside! Let's do our blogging journey together. Join us in our mission that we are #bettertogether!

Take Care,


If you are on the fence can I just say that this is an amazing group. I originally signed up for only one month, and I am looking at my 3rd renewal. I look forward to the Thursday conference call and pencil it into my planner. It's a place you can ask all the "silly questions" like what plugin should I use? (And no, i'm not being compensated for this comment. Promise!) The group is worth the monthly investment in yourself and your business. :)

Kelly Warner

Hope in the Chaos

I just joined tonight and I feel like I have finally found my people!

Thank you for creating this community! I love that everyone is so like-minded.... we want to learn and grow our businesses. I also love that everyone is so open to new members!

Gina Butler

Gina's Library

I can't wait to see you in The Society!

The Society Doors are closed until Summer 2018!

Please join the waitlist below to get notified when the doors are open again!

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