Are You Tired of Doing Your Online Business Alone?

The early mornings and the late nights staring at your computer screen--it gets lonely right? Then there’s your friends and family’s take on the whole thing. “You're doing what?! And you plan to make money how….?!” Plus where are you supposed to turn when you get stuck? Who's going to help you?!

You’re deserve support. You deserve coaching. You deserve MORE.

Join the premiere online community for women who are serious about success — and want to have fun while building their dream businesses.

  • “My to-do list is so long, and I have no idea where to start.”
  • I don’t know how I can hustle harder than I am to make more money.” 
  • "I'm working crazy hours to keep it all together."
  • "I have no idea where my next client is coming from."
  • “I’m so frustrated! And there’s no one I can ask for help."
  • "I worry all the time that my business is going to fall apart."
  • "Am I living out God's purpose for my life and my business?"
  • “I know that being a mom is important, but I want more.
  • “I didn’t think I would be so lonely."
  • “I’m ready to give up.”

Does that sound like you?

Oh Mama you aren't alone...

I have been there...

Before I quit my job to take on my online business full time I was working in a small office with a group of women that were like family. Heck one of them is my best friend of 20+ years and the Godmother of my oldest child! We celebrated birthdays and holidays together as an office. We even spent Wednesday nights playing Bingo, a time we loved to call "Work After Hours." We were there for each other through babies being born, kids graduating college, and relationships falling apart. We supported each other through tough times and spent many days making each other laugh. We worked hard and had a lot of fun doing it!

When I left their office and took on my online business full time I loved it! I was sad to leave them but so excited to take on my passion full time. And at first it was great! Me, my keyboard, and lots of work-- my work! I was in love!

But then, the loneliness set in. I missed having my lady co-workers to talk to about our common work projects. I missed having women to laugh with and joke with. I missed commiserating over a problem in the office or a problem out there in the world. I missed celebrating the small and the big things. I missed having co-workers to do life with.

I didn’t miss my 9-5, but I sure did miss my work family.

Then slowly, I began reaching out to potential women online business friends. I felt like the new kid in school and like such a dork! “Hi, I’m Jen! I really admire your blog and your writing. I would love to get to know you better.”

I sent messages like that out to potential new  friends. I was so nervous waiting for women to respond and yup feeling like a dork the whole time.

But I was lonely and I wanted work friends again. Slowly ladies started to respond. Slowly over a few months I began building new friendships. New friendships with women that got what I did. That knew the highs and lows of being an online business owner. That knew how hard it is to balance motherhood and our online businesses. That I could talk strategy with and celebrate wins with. Women that would lift me up when I was down. Women that I could encourage when they hit a tough spot. Online business friends that made me a better entrepreneur. Women that I am now proud to count among my closest friends.

When you’re trying to build an online business, you might feel like you’re completely alone in the world. But what if you were working alongside a community of women working towards the very same goals? Women who would hold you accountable, provide feedback and support, and push you to dream bigger?

What if you could fully step into the right plan for your business and go after more?

Welcome to
The Society of Women Winning Online!

The Society is an exclusive community just for Mom Entrepreneurs who are

building, growing, and scaling online businesses.

Women just like you!

If you're...

  • ...tired of trying to figure this out all on your own.
  • ...ready to scale your business without working crazy hours.
  • ...determined to make a difference in the world with your business.
  • ...tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.
  • ...desperate to get unstuck.
  • ...eager to help the people who need what only you can teach them.
  • ...ready to take REAL action and make this YOUR year.

...then you need to join The Society today!

When you join The Society, you’ll get access to an incredible community of women who are working to build their online businesses, make real money, and do it without sacrificing time with your family.

What's waiting for you on the inside?

Breakthrough to 10K. Currently, joining The Society is the only way to get access to my exclusive, tried and tested (and re-tested by women just like you!) Breakthrough to $10K, which will show you exactly how to scale to $10,000 months! This course is NOT offered anywhere else, at any price — it’s only for the women inside The Society.


And it works.


I’ve personally used this system to start new businesses over and over — in a variety of niches, markets, and industries.


Plus, you can meet real women — busy moms like you, who want more from life —  who have used this exact framework to start their own businesses, make that first $5000 — and keep on going.

Making More Money, Working Fewer Hours!

A little over a year ago, I was pretty happy bringing in $4000 in client work every month. 

Jen was the first person who told me that number should make me really UNCOMFORTABLE, because I should be earning at least twice that in client work. 

When I started working with Jen, she showed me how to move past imposter syndrome, how to value my work, and how to prioritize growing my business so that I could continue to smash through income goals. 

I’ve 5x’d pricing on done-for-you services — so I’m making more money and working fewer hours. $4000 months are way back in my rearview mirror now, and I don’t miss them a bit. I’m booked out, turning down work, and hand-picking my clients.

Abbi Perets //  Freelance Writer

Fantastic Freebies. You know that you need to have a freebie to attract people to your email list, but WHAT THE HECK goes in it? And how do you make it? How do you get it in front of people, and what are you supposed to do to make sure people sign up?

You’ll learn all that — and more — inside of Fantastic Freebies, a practical course designed to take you from “Um, what?” to a lead magnet that converts — and puts you on the path to making money.

Find Your Tribe Online. You can’t have an online business if no one buys your stuff. You need to get in front of the right people — and you need to know what to say to them when you find them. This course will show you how to do all of that, step by step.

And the best part is that whenever you have a question, feel stuck, or are suffering from a moment of self-doubt, you have an entire community of women to help you out.

Bre Hamilton

Beauty Consultant

Wow. So I am doing the course on Engaging Your Tribe by Jen. I started last night, sent an e-mail to my list, today I scheduled another for next Saturday, posted in my biz page with a fun questions, my personal page with a biz related question, joined some groups in my niche and posted questions in both a business related group and then a beauty related one and WOW I am getting sooo much engagement today I can hardly stop working (and my hubs has been bugging me to come watch an episode of Jessica Jones with him haha).

Thank you Jen for this amazing content! <3

Access to Experts. Need to learn more about Facebook Ads? Or how to create email sequences that work? We bring in the best women experts in the online business industry to teach you new skills twice a month. Plus you get to ask the experts any questions you may have about their topic so you can customize their expertise to your business.

We host regular trainings twice a month on topics you ask for — all included in your monthly membership price.

Instant Access to the Best. The Society is home to women of many talents. My team includes tech experts who can help you figure out why your website isn’t working, Pinterest pros who share insider tips and tricks, excellent email copywriters who will make sure your message is on point, SEO superstars who will help you earn the search engine love you crave, and more.

Ask your questions inside our community-- and you will get the right answers to grow your business.

Monthly Q&A Sessions. You need help. You deserve help. Hop on our monthly Q&A session call and get your questions answered. Together we help each other solve problems in our businesses so we can move forward, serve more people, and make more money.

You don't have to go at this alone, you can and you will get all your questions answered.

Hot Seat Sessions. You want a coach that will look directly into your business, ask you the tough questions, and give you advice. Inside The Society you get access to a coach that has 20+ years of entrepreneurial business experience and will coach you on your business during your personal Hot Seat Session.

You will get strategy and ideas catered to your business to help you move forward.

Accountability. There is one thing standing between you and your dream business. Implementation. Getting the work done is the only way to move your business forward. Inside The Society we hold each other accountable. When you join you will get access to our weekly accountability game plus our 30/60/90 day goal planning sessions.  

I want you moving forward. I want you serving your people. I want you making money. Helping you stay accountable does just that.

Library of Education. Inside The Society library you will get access to a ton of education to help you grow! From challenges, to videos of expert sessions, to my systems and processes for running a successful business. Topics include email sequences, Pinterest tips, Facebook ads, Legal, Building & Engaging your audience, Launch strategies, and more! All of this is put together in a way that is easy for you to access when you are ready to take the next step in your business.

You deserve to have education at your fingertips and you will get it inside this group coaching program.

Networking. The best way to grow your business is to network and collaborate with women business owners just like you. Inside The Society you get access to women that want your business and want to refer you to their clients. All because you build that know/like/trust factor by helping each other inside the group. It's amazing!

Networking makes your business grow faster. The ladies in The Society make it grow even faster!

The Society Amazing Race. Inside The Society we make accountability FUN! Join us in our monthly race to rack up as many points as you can to win the prize money! Points are awarded for tasks that you need to do to grow your business and enjoy your life. Yup get points for everything from posting in Facebook groups to scheduling a massage. We like to have fun while we are making money in our businesses! 

You deserve to have fun while staying accountable to meeting your goals!

Tuula Kyrola

Crochet YouTube Star

I just love the Society Race! It makes me do things I wouldn't otherwise get round to doing 

I just did something really scary, I sent a message to an editor in a 55+ women's magazine, suggesting an article. The main thing I mentioned as a point of interest is that I haven't heard of anyone my age in Finland having a YouTube channel the size mine is. See if they answer!

Also, The Race makes me write things down. I normally never write any plans down, they are just in my head. The same for journaling. So, I created a Google Drive doc specifically for that and then I can enter anything that comes to mind.

Abbi Perets

I have ALREADY gotten massive value from Jen. In the past, she helped me when I needed it, and I am SO grateful to her for that.

I TRUST Jen, because she is so open and honest and GENEROUS, so this purchase was kind of a no-brainer. I KNOW that the content will be awesome. And there's NO RISK here -- she stands behind her product with a guarantee.

So if you're on the fence -- come on. This is WAY better than a new outfit!

Here's what it comes down to: Do you want to build a successful business? Do you believe that Jen has your best interests at heart?

There you go.

Suzi Whitford

"Jen Snyder is a real life guardian angel. She truly, deeply cares about her clients. When I was just starting my business, she filled me with the confidence I needed to push past my fears and truly take off. She's a true gem and my go-to person for when I need motivation."

Are You Ready to Join The Society?!


Sweet! I like you already!

Join The Society of Women Winning Online for only $97 a month!

Or join for the whole year and get two months free!

The Society Monthly

  • Accountability Challenges
  • Q&A Office Hours
  • Society Hot Seat Sessions
  • Expert Guest Speakers twice a month
  • Society Sprint Sessions
  • Cheerleaders & Friends
  • Coaching from an Entrepreneur Expert
  • Spotlight 6,500 person Facebook group
  • Library of Courses, Challenges, & Expert sessions!
  • Insider Strategies From Me
  • Lifetime Price Lock
  • Tailwind Tribe
  • Encouragement & Support
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!


The Society Annual

  • Accountability Challenges
  • Q&A Office Hours
  • Society Hot Seat Sessions
  • Expert Guest Speakers twice a month
  • Society Sprint Sessions
  • Cheerleaders & Friends
  • Coaching from an Entrepreneur Expert
  • Spotlight 6,500 person Facebook group
  • Library of Courses, Challenges, & Expert sessions!
  • Insider Strategies From Me
  • Lifetime Price Lock
  • Tailwind Tribe
  • Encouragement & Support
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!

$970/yr  (2 Months Free!)

When you sign up by Friday, November 20th

you get access to these 4 bonuses!

  • Bonus #1: The first 5 women that sign up get 2 (!) free coaching sessions with me! ($1,500 value!)
  • Bonus #2: The next 10 women that sign up get 1 free coaching session with me! ($750 value!)
  • Bonus #3: The final 15 women that sign up get 1 free coaching session with me! ($500 value!)
  • Bonus #4: The admission fee waived for the next 7 days! ($197 value!)
  • Catch #1: Time Limit
    The Society will only be open for enrollment for the next 7 days!
  • Catch #2: Women Limit
    In this enrollment period I am only letting 30 new women into the group so grab your spot before they are gone!

Gwen Plauche

The Home With a

I joined right away when you opened the Society after seeing you in action on FYTO. I would like to add these words about the value of the Society. 

I have tried several mastermind groups over the last couple of years (all cost more $$ that the Society), looking for real engagement and feedback. What I found in the other groups was typically a feed about how great that blogger was and a constant upsell. There was ZERO interaction with that blogger on a personal level and no real interaction with others on a consistent basis. One group in particular promised coaching and feedback. It turned out to be access to older courses & scripted posts that members were to respond to. That works for some people, but not for me. I need personal interaction to feel a part of a community, both with the main blogger and the other members. 

Then the Society of Women Winning Online enters the scene. This community has truly developed into a lively, active, personality-filled group that has invigorated my love for my new blog! 

How many times have you created a graphic, a post, an opt-in, or a landing page and wondered what others thought? Well, inside the Society, we trust each other to be honest with feedback and not let each other publish something that needs a few tweaks. The value of that is unmeasurable‼️ Plus, Jen is not only present in the group, she inputs and comments on feedback requests daily. Do you know what she can charge for consults outside of this group??

How to Join The Society of Women Winning Online

Step 2: Enter Secure Payment Info

Step 3: You're In!

By far the best investment I have made for my business!

Love, love, LOVE The Society! I can't say enough about the support, feedback, encouragement, and motivation the ladies in this group provide! By far the best investment I have made for my business! You won't regret it!

Surya Chronister  //  Radiant Virtual Services

You have helped me more in a week than the 6 months in other groups!

I'd tried many groups prior to this and you guys have helped me more in a week than the 6 months in other groups. Everyone says they have a lovely community, but this really makes it worth every penny. It's a lot of money per month if its only a 'tit or tat' group. But even the weekly calls feel like a 1(me): 10(mentors) which is amazing. Plus everyone's so nice. I'm not sure how you can explain that its not a Facebook group but a sisterhood more than willing to go above and beyond for each other.

Robyn O'Brien  //  Robyn O'Brien Photography

Who Belongs In The Society?

The Society welcomes all women, regardless of race, religion, age, marital status, citizenship, and so on. Our group includes women of all religions and spiritual beliefs, from all over the world. We do pray for one another as needs arise.

If you’re ready to take action and move forward, you belong here — even if you don’t know what the first step is.

If you enjoy playing the victim and blaming others, this isn’t the right place for you. We focus on moving forward, not making excuses.


I firmly believe that we have all been given a gift to serve our communities. I believe that when women lift each other up the entire world will change. As a woman, as the mother of two daughters, this fuels my passion every single day. Truly we are better together.

If you have questions about what this means for you and your participation, please feel free to reach out to me.

Ruuuuunnn   to sign up for The Society! Unbelievable support, teaching, feedback, safe space, did I mention support?!?!?  Hands down, the best investment!

I have made more progress in 4 months than I had made in the 2 years prior. I couldn't have done that without you and the Society sisters.

Shara Allison-Jones

Travel Expert

The Society is for...

Growing Online Business Owners

  • You have been working on your online business for 6+ months.
  • You have published a ton of blog posts, podcast episodes, or Facebook Lives. You get a fair amount of comments, but would like more engagement.
  • You love your online business and are still passionate about it but are getting a tiny bit burnt out. You are ready to turn that corner into good traffic, good engagement, and good money.
  • You’ve made some money from your online business, but are ready to make more! You are looking for help to figure out how to better launch your products or services.
  • You also need help figuring out how to get more consistent with affiliate income and making your tripwires convert better.
  • You're ready to get visible and stand out from the crowd! You want help learning how to do that and get the visibility your business deserves.
  • You want business best friends! (Sorry I can't say besties because I'm 40 and it feels weird.) You have been looking for a community of believers that you can do life and business with. Women that will support you out there in the business world and share your name and content with everyone they know!
  • You're starting to wonder if there is something you are missing. Is your messaging off? Are you not hitting the right emotional connection? WHAT IS MISSING?!

It's also for women who:

Women Who Are
"Coursed Out"

Have you taken all the courses known to man? And you still aren't getting anywhere?! The Society is perfect for you. We will take a look at your online business and help you figure out what isn't working. What are Society sisters for?!

Women Who Want More

Are you not getting what you need from free Facebook groups? Are you too intimidated to post in the bigger groups? This is a community, a sisterhood, where we help you every step of the way with your online business. And you get all your questions answered! Truly we are better together!

Women Who Want To Work

This is a society for online business who want to get stuff done!. I want to make sure you get everything you can out of our time together. I want you to put the right plan in place to make money online and that will take work. But I promise you it will be the most fun work you have ever done!

Women Who Want to Grow

This is a society for women bloggers that want to grow their online business and grow as people. I will be challenging you to take bold action and do tasks to help your blog grow. What you put in, is what you will get out. In order to do them you must have the desire to grow and get better!


I love this group! I have gotten more out of this group and Jen’s support than I have gotten out of any course I’ve taken! The ladies in the group help each other and give honest feedback truly helping each other grow!

Jacqueline Vandenberg, Simply Delectable Recipes

Who is The Society NOT For?

Men. Dudes. Guys.

Sorry guys this is a ladies only club! We tend to be more open as women when we are surrounded by only women. That is why this group is just for the ladies. Hence the name "The Society of WOMEN Winning Online!"

Online Business Owners Looking for a Quick Fix

You are not going to join this group and have 10,000 email subscribers and a $10,000 income within two weeks. Building an online business takes time and doesn't happen overnight. Will it take years and years to get to that point? No, not if you follow a consistent plan. But it won't happen overnight.

Online Business With A Bad Attitude

If you are negative or have a know-it-all attitude this society is not right for you! I like working with happy people that are eager to learn. Those are the kind of people that I want in this community. We are all here to learn from each other and be better. It's more fun when we all get along!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time with The Society require?

What kind of support can I expect?

Will you give me personalized feedback on everything I post?

Do I have to sign up for the whole year?

Are there fees when I cancel or a contract? this just a paid Facebook group?

Is this a secure payment?

Can I talk to you before I join The Society?

This is kind of expensive….

Do you offer refunds?

Come Join Us In The Society!

The Society Monthly

  • Accountability Challenges
  • Q&A Office Hours
  • Society Hot Seat Sessions
  • Expert Guest Speakers twice a month
  • Society Sprint Sessions
  • Cheerleaders & Friends
  • Coaching from an Entrepreneur Expert
  • Spotlight 6,500 person Facebook group
  • Library of Courses, Challenges, & Expert sessions!
  • Insider Strategies From Me
  • Lifetime Price Lock
  • Tailwind Tribe
  • Encouragement & Support
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!


The Society Annual

(2 Months Free!)

  • Accountability Challenges
  • Q&A Office Hours
  • Society Hot Seat Sessions
  • Expert Guest Speakers twice a month
  • Society Sprint Sessions
  • Cheerleaders & Friends
  • Coaching from an Entrepreneur Expert
  • Spotlight 6,500 person Facebook group
  • Library of Courses, Challenges, & Expert sessions!
  • Insider Strategies From Me
  • Lifetime Price Lock
  • Tailwind Tribe
  • Encouragement & Support
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!

$970/yr (2 Months Free!)

If you are on the fence can I just say that this is an amazing group. I originally signed up for only one month, and I am looking at my 3rd renewal. I look forward to the Thursday conference call and pencil it into my planner. It's a place you can ask all the "silly questions" like what plugin should I use? (And no, i'm not being compensated for this comment. Promise!) The group is worth the monthly investment in yourself and your business. :)

Kelly Warner

Hope in the Chaos

I just joined tonight and I feel like I have finally found my people!

Thank you for creating this community! I love that everyone is so like-minded.... we want to learn and grow our businesses. I also love that everyone is so open to new members!

Gina Butler

Gina's Library

I can't wait to see you in The Society!

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