You started your business because you wanted more.

More time to spend with your kids without the guilt of your 9-5.

More money for your family to pay off debt or splurge on vacations.

More impact on your audience to make a difference for God’s Kingdom.

More purpose in your life other than the daily grind of a job or staying home with your kids.

You have a dream...

…and you want more.

Yet lately, you are stuck. And worse, something is missing.

You are hustling so hard that you find yourself snapping at your kids more than you would like to.

Your husband is frustrated with you because you always seem distracted or on your phone all the time.

You are working so hard but the money doesn’t quite seem to be enough for all your efforts.

You can’t remember the last time you put God first or your husband or your kids. You think “Once I make it, then I will be able to make time for all of them. For now, it is what it is.”

Yet in those rare quiet moments, there’s a nagging feeling. You know you were made for more. And more just isn’t happening.

Jennifer Snyder Women Working Online

Jen Snyder
Your Business Coach

Sound familiar?

Mama, I hear you, I get you, I was you.

I promise you, God has more in store for you, your family, and your business. He wants more for you.

You were made for more.

More money so you can be blessed to be a blessing for those in need.

More time for your kids so you can enjoy them and raise them up with good Christian values.

More time for your husband so you can honor him, have fun with him, and show your kids a good example of a Christian marriage.

More time with God so you can lean in closely to Him and His Word and grow deeper in your faith walk.

Mama, you can have a business that works in harmony, not balance, with your God, your marriage, your kids, your life.

I am excited to coach you and show you how to make more money while working less so that you can avoid burning out and enjoy more time with God, your husband, and your kids!

I promise– it’s possible!

Abbi Perets

Abbi Perets
Successful Freelance Mom

"Making More Money, Working Less Hours"

A little over a year ago, I was pretty happy bringing in $4000 in client work every month.

Jen was the first person who told me that number should make me really UNCOMFORTABLE, because I should be earning at least twice that in client work.

When I started working with Jen, she showed me how to move past imposter syndrome, how to value my work, and how to prioritize growing my business so that I could continue to smash through income goals.

I’ve 5x’d pricing on done-for-you services — so I’m making more money and working fewer hours. $4000 months are way back in my rearview mirror now, and I don’t miss them a bit. I’m booked out, turning down work, and hand-picking my clients.

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